Clinician Testimonials

MDT techniques are magical techniques and shocking for the doctors who believe that Physio's cannot exist without machines. It took me a hard time to convince some that Physio's do exist without the modalities. People do call me magical hands now because the MDT system is magical. I am really very happy and very confident after I have done MDT. I can understand my patients pain in a better way than any other doctors or physio. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and my patients are also satisfied.Thanks Asha mam for introducing me to MDT.

Rashmina Musani, Cert. MDT

It is just two years of passing out and I am successful in my private practice with direct practice. I treat complicated patients successfully and already have made a place for myself amongst the medical fraternity in my area. I have become an awesome clinician able to first diagnose and treat, decide which of my patients need manual therapy and how much and when. MDT teaches you how to ask the patients the relevant question and assess mechanically. Effects of posture in the clinical reasoning leading to diagnosis, I never knew such existed till I did my MDT. I owe what I am today to MDT. I have relearned Physiotherapy with MDT.

Vaidehi Phenani, Cert. MDT

The pleasant surprised looks on the patient's faces say it all. Thank you for introducing the McKenzie concept in India. Made life much easier for both the patients and us Physiotherapists

Abhishek Bangera, Cert. MDT

I did my MDT in November 2008. When I saw the circular in April 2008 for the April course, I thought, I am already manual therapy trained and McKenzie course is expensive although discounted. I was ignorant of the effects of the system till I was exposed to the effects of the system in October 2008. I decided to do the complete education programe. By then the November course seats were full. Luckily for me there was a cancellation and I got a seat. I have now reached Part E, to do my credentialling exams in Nov. That one second's right decision has proved to be the right one in my professional life. I owe my clinical reasoning, diagnosis, concepts of using manual therapy to MDT. I thank the person who cancelled. Her loss has been my gain

Charmi Sanghvi, Cert. MDT

I never got satisfaction treating a patient until I was introduced to MDT(McKenzie). All MDT tools have given me confidence and understanding of what my patient is suffering. Feel so happy that my patient does not require SWD, US, or any modalities. Patients are independent.

Radhika Mehta, Cert. MDT

I am a graduate physiotherapist. After doing my McKenzie courses postgraduates are now employed in my clinic and work load has increased to more than double.

Nitin Pandey, Cert. MDT

I want to go further in my McKenzie education, into McKenzie's magical world of mechanical diagnosis and therapy.


McKenzie have really proved very beneficial in diagnosing and then treating most of the spinal patients.

Manisha Gupta

It's been a great experience and enforces the fact that we don't always need hands on. (Manual Therapy). This gives the patient a lot of confidence and control over their problem. Thanks to Asha Mam, for doing all the hard work for us to learn. Her effort is remarkable.

Rashi Agrawal, Cert. MDT

McKenzie techniques has been very useful in treating the patients much faster than the therapists not using this system. Even patients with recurrences who were initially being treated by other therapists notice the difference and are very thankful because there are minimal recurrences after getting treated by McKenzie protocols.

Aparna Deshpande, Cert. MDT

McKenzie system have made it very easy to deal with patients as they are easy to teach and remember

Disha Ashar, Cert. MDT

McKenzie has proved beneficial as it is easy for the patients to understand and perform those exercises. My clinical reasoning and diagnosis had improved. My patients are off the electromadalities and more independent. 

Ashlesha Kamble, Cert. MDT

After passing out from college I was very unsure about the pain arising from the spine. I can now reason out, why something is happening. I would like to thank Asha mam for making the course available in India.

Mira Shah, Cert. MDT

Being introduced to the MDT concepts has equipped me with the confidence to treat and tackle. Before I did the MDT courses, I was not having a clue what I am doing with my back ache patients. Now I understand what is happening, what is wrong, in what way I can further help my patients. I must say it has also improved my clinical reasoning, patient education and everything in the treatment process. Thanks to MISP Group / Team. MDT is just awesome.

Mona Reshamwala, Cert. MDT

Understanding and dealing with backache cases has become easier after getting to know MDT. Treating patients has become more satisfying. The patient is also more satisfied since they are independently do the exercises. Thanks for introducing MDT in India.

Padma Poojary

This course has really helped me think from a different perspective and has helped me treat my patients in a better and long lasting way. Disc and spine as a whole had always been my interest and McKenzie has taken me to a better level.

Meeta Idnani, Cert. MDT

I had given my exam in USA. There i did not have any access to such groups. I can confidently say that Mckenzie Mumbai study group has helped me pass my retake exam. The entire team of certified McKenzie practitioners guide and hone your skills as you prepare for your exam. Their support extends even beyond the exam. They continue to revise, practice and update your skills as a McKenzie practitioner. I would like to thank the study group for helping me during the exam preparation phase. Being a Mckenzie practitioner, gives me the ability to empower my patients to control their pain and prevent it re-occurrence. It also helps me to avoid dependence on passive therapy. 

Ashwini Naik, Cert. MDT