Patient Testimonials

My name is Savita Agrawal, I am 34 years old. I was suffering from severe neck pains since last 1 year. My pain was in head and moving down to neck and then to arms. I was not able to sleep or sit peacefully as I used to feel pain 24×7. Then my father-in-law discovered a McKenzie clinic of self management run by Dr. Asha Menon. On my visit to India I started my treatment with her. Within 3-4 sessions my pain reduced by 90% and by doing self management at home ie., by doing exercises told by her at home atleast 5-7 times in a day, I could find that my body is responding to these exercises. I could feel more relaxed, could sit and sleep peacefully. My mind is more relaxed and I feel more confident.

Her small small tips also helped to change my day to day habits like how I should maintain my neck postures and sitting postures which will help reduce my symptoms.  She advices to do my retractions and posture corrections when ever I get time. By such few changes and regular exercise, my days have changed and life looks better. I thank her for all her guidance.

The original McKenzie lumbar roll which I am carrying back with me will help me maintain my postures and abolish my symptoms and prevent or delay recurrences. I and my husband intend carrying with us on flights, cinema houses, and at home.

This has given me confidence go back and start my reading and appear for my exams to be a chartered accountant.

Mrs Savita Agarwal, Maputo, Mozambique

After 5 ½ months of being bed ridden, I came to know about McKenzie Therapy and Dr. Asha Menon for treatment. I was not able to even stand for more than 30 seconds. Dr. Asha assessed me for more than an hour on the first day and prescribed some exercise. After that first assessment, in 6 months for the first time I felt 30% relieved in the pain.

I followed her treatment as she prescribed, at home and within 4 sittings I was 100% relieved, and started going back to my work, and attended my daily work as a wife and mother of a young daughter. Within the next 3-4 sittings, I started bending forward and doing all normal functions, including dancing throughout the Navrathri celebrations.

Now I am confident enough to manage my pain when due to poor postural habits if I get back pain. Besides the treatment, Dr. Asha has also given me great ,moral support due to which I am fine without surgery and now I feel so good and empowered that I can manage my work, kids, and routine activites better.


Mrs Dolly Goyal, Malad West

McKenzie treatment helped me overcome the fear that my sciatica pain is incurable. I ‘ve learnt to manage getting rid of my pain with the simple McKenzie exercises. It suits my day to day routine and I’ve easily been able to incorporate it in my daily routine. I’ve gained confidence that I too can do what everyone can.

Mrs Priya Deepak Dhandha

Problem for which treatment sought. Suffered from Slipped disc with scoliosis

8 years back, McKenzie treatment helped me overcome cervical neck pain radiating to both the arm. I have learned to manage getting rid of my pain with some simple exercises and I did not need any other doctor’s help in this last 8 years.

Update: Right now I suffered from back pain with scoliosis and with 4 sittings I have got rid of the back pain with scoliosis and the leg pain by doing some simple exercises.

Mrs Poonam Singh

Dear Dr.Asha, I write this as a totally satisfied patient, who came with a lot of pain, discomfort , limited movement and basically a liability to myself, my work and all around due to my irritation. I also had a small window of 30 days to get back to work to avoid certain complications. I had been in this condition for 2 months already & tried about 30 sessions of regular physiotherapy, but to no avail. My MRI was shown to a surgeon & was immediately suggested surgery of my L5/6 &S1. A root block epidural was also suggested as an alternate. I was on the verge of going in for the root block, when my sister in law Dr. Umanjali Damke suggested your name, infact forced me to contact you.

To be frank, I did not think that another round of physiotherapy would help me at all & I was getting desperate. But, I took her coercion & advice. When I first came to you, was apprehensive, but the detailing with which you started off, took me by surprise. Your explaining of how the McKenzie system works & the video, did give me some confidence. But, as we started the therapy, the difference showed. The McKenzie form of exercises though tiring, did start showing positive results. The intense pain subsided, the tingling sensation decreased, the numbness lessened. In the 30 day window available to you, all this was achieved & I did not have to visit the clinic very often. Just had to do the exercises recommended by you through the McKenzie system.

I now believe in the McKenzie form of physiotherapy, & feel that this is a far superior & advanced form. I would also recommend all those advised for surgery to first try this out before going under the knife. In fact, I have already recommended your name to a few of my friends & colleagues.

Dr.Asha, I thank you for getting me back on my feet & wish you & your entire team the very best.

I also take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous 2014.

A Satisfied patient,
Nitin Chandra

Mr. Nitin Chandra

Problem for which treatment was sought - Severe back and leg pain. Inability to stand and walk or do any activities of daily living without help. 

Testimonial written by grandson-

From 1 1/2 month my grandfather was suffering from the above pain, although treatment was sought elsewhere, the problem was not solved. When one of my relatives adviced us to go to Dr. Asha Menon, we sought treatment from her. Till that period he was unable to walk and in severe pain, he was brought to her on a wheel chair. After being seen using the McKenzie techniques, he was able to walk within a week by the time we went for the second session (Second session was a week later). For his age, exercises were mild, yet it worked very well. It took only 4 sitting for my grandfather  to walk without even his walking stick. REPEX was also used for him, in addition, after the second sitting as he could not exercise more due to his age.

All thanks to Dr. Asha Menon and the McKenzie treatment. 

Krishnadutt Sharma, age 85.

Problem - low back pain.

From 1 month I was experiencing some pain which I ignored and kept doing the inevitable forward bend and lifts. One week end on a picnic I did some  jumps on the beach that left me with severe pain. I tried pain killers and rest. None of it helped and I panicked.

My past experience with shoulder pain and its treatment with Dr. Asha Menon made me reach out to her and after the first visit itself, I felt the difference. Frankly, I was in such a panic state.

All I have learned is McKenzie is one of the best ways of curing yourself, by your own self, and give time, allow it to heal and continue with your daily routine.

It is an amazing experience to be back to normal, over whelmed. Thank you Dr. Asha Menon.

Sanobar Munshi

Hello, I, Dr.Vasundhara. M .Natekar, age 59 yrs residing at Dahisar, Mumbai would like to say something about my health.

Due to some reason,  I had to undergo an operation on spine in 1989, which is known as laminectomy. I was better with some restriction on my activities, which continued for next 8 yrs. Somehow pain started in my lumbosacral joint, left sacro-iliac region and left thigh region. I was asked for Intervention for the current problem, which was refused by me. Then I took nerve-blocks at Hinduja hospital. Meanwhile I was walking and doing my other exercise suggested by physiotherapist. In 2005, I was suggested to go for osteopathy by senior doctor. So I started with osteopathy and I was really better for next 6 yrs. During 6 yrs of my osteopathy treatment I was better, but I had to take continuous sittings of osteopathy and was totally depending on it.

Then I consulted Dr. Asha Menon, practicing at Mira Road and expert in McKenzie treatment in NOV 2011. At that time, I had pain in lumbosacral region, left sacro-iliac joint and lateral aspect of left thigh, with slight numbness. I was advised to do some exercises and in very few visits through which surprisingly I was totally free from pain of 8 months!

Now I do all activities which I used to do before. Sometimes I do get slight pain but Dr. Asha and her team have trained me in such a way that I can relieve my pain on my own. I manage it myself with confidence. I am really very much thankful to Dr. Asha Menon and her team.

I would like to mention few things about this clinic:                                                                                                                                             

  1. The moment you enter the clinic you feel positive energy and betterment.
  2. All staff members including receptionist are very kind, cooperative and   loving. They welcome each and everyone with a smile.
  3. You do not require to come very often for treatment. Few visits are enough to make you free from pain.

In short, McKenzie has changed my life from dependent to self dependent. It has increased my confidence level. Now I am enjoying my day-to-day life.

God Bless Dr. Asha Menon and her team. Thanks!

Dr. Vasundhara M. Natekar, Family Physician

I had this recurrence of slipped disc 4 months ago. Initially I used to get cramps in my buttocks while getting up to stand after sitting for a long time and vice versa. I thought it must be a muscular issue and neglected that. When it got worse I took a muscle relaxant tablet as well as an injection from my local doctor. This was going good as long I was taking the medicine but once I stopped it, it got worse. I was unable to walk, there was numbness in my left leg below the calf section and I used to get tickling followed by excruciating pain that would surge through my buttocks all the way to my legs while walking. I was unable to sit for lunch for long time due to pain. I was in a panic state and immediately referred an ortho who asked me to do a MRI scan of lumbar spine. The result showed L4-L5 disc bulge. Initially the ortho asked me for 1 month bed rest and after that he suggested a physio for 2 weeks. But even after the physio's SWD and IFT session I couldn't recover completely, so I thought about going for a second opinion in another hospital. The ortho from the second hospital asked me to go for traction for a week. I thought it would be better if I stay in the hospital under the doc's vision. So I got admitted in the hospital for 9 days again with physio sessions. That helped a bit but still I was not in a condition to walk. From this hospital I got the reference of Dr. Asha Menon in Mira Road. (

They had this different McKenzie technique where in the first appointment they note down your history, analyze you by making you to do various exercises while noting down your feedback on the pain and rating it. The first session went for more than an hour. They gave me exercises to do on an hourly basis till the next appointment. Initially I was able to walk only 5-6 steps without tingling and pain. After 3 days  I was able to walk for about 5 mins, this helped my confidence grow. The pain and tingling was delayed. After about 5 sessions i.e. approximately 2 weeks, I was able to walk for about 20 - 25 mins. They kept changing my exercises based on my feedback. After around 10 sessions I was able to walk for more than 50 mins. I was happy to rejoin my office and start a normal life again.

I also learned from Dr. Asha Menon about self treatment where you can avoid such future occurrences and even if you get it back again you will be confident enough to treat yourself.

Now doing these exercises twice a day has become a part of my life and I enjoy doing it because “Prevention is better than cure”. I have also started my swimming exercise to make my back strong.

Most of the information I had been gathering (from the Internet/Ortho’s) before I went to Dr. Asha Menon suggested getting an operation done for such symptoms, but I am thankful to that hospital for directing me to Shri Giridhari clinic, ‘Back Neck and Joints’. I can strongly suggest Dr. Asha Menon’s clinic Shri Giridhari for any such conditions. They have the in depth knowledge about what they are doing.

Thanks to Shri Giridhari clinic and Dr. Asha Menon for helping me to enjoy my normal life again.

Mr. Ravindra Ambekar, Technology Analyst