Education Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about the Education programme of the McKenzie Institute International. For more information please get in touch with us directly.

Fees for the course series of the Program of Certification

Service Tax 12.36% extra on fees

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part D

Fees: 25000
Audit: 10000

Fees: 25000
Audit: 12500

Fees: 30000
Audit: 12500

Fees: 35000
Audit: 15000

The course fees include:

  • A copy of the book Treat Your Own Back by Robin McKenzie
  • A copy of the book Treat Your Own Neck by Robin McKenzie
  • McKenzie technique assessment forms
  • Comprehensive course manuals
  • Certificate of completion
  • Morning and afternoon refreshment breaks 

All registration forms for Part A need to come in hard copy along with the documents. All Part B to D registration froms has to come in electronic format.

Download the course registration form for:

Part A –D Click Here

Download the Exam Registration Form: 

Payment must accompany a registration form. All fees MUST be received prior to start of course. Presently we cannot accept credit cards: MasterCard, VISA. This facilty will be introduced a little later. You have to do a NEFT/RTGS or internet wire transfer.

When undertaking the McKenzie Courses, you must begin with Part A and finish with Part D.  Parts B and C may be taken in any order between A and D.

eg A-B-C-D or A-C-B-D

Presently we cannot offer such discounts, although we have it in mind for the future. Already the courses are running at almost 50% of the international fees. For educational institutions who would be willing to organize the courses in your premises, we could reduce the organising expenses, plus give you all the benefits as the course sponsor.  

When you have not completed any part of the MDT Certification process within 2 years, you need to complete an audit of the previous course that is, repeat the previous course at 50% of the tuition fee. Audit can also be where you take a refresher course to keep your name in the reference list.

Proof of when the course was previously attended may be required if outside India. 

Not really. Neither do you need any prior attendance to any manual therapy courses a necessity. 

Missed hours on a course: When a participant misses a day(s), or any portion of a day throughout the course, under no circumstances will a course certificate be provided to that participant. We are required to verify course completion. The participant will not be eligible to continue with the next Part of the MDT Program of Certification until the previous course requirement has been completed. The participant can complete the day(s) or hours missed within one year of the course dates at no additional fee and will then receive the certificate for full course credit. If the participant does not complete this requirement within one year, he or she will be required to pay fees as follows:

Less than half the course missed - pay the audit fee
Half or more of the course missed - pay in full

The McKenzie course certificates carry credits globally.  However in India we still do not have the system where Physical Therapists in practise have to continue to take credits to maintain yourself in practise. 

Cancellation/Hold Policy and Refunds: Every attempt is made to offer our programs as publicized. However, MI India  reserves the right to adjust program dates, location, times, faculty, etc. in order to accommodate unforeseen circumstances; we will only notify advanced registrants of any program changes. MI India  is not responsible for any expenses incurred by registrants due to such adjustments.

MI India further reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances up to two weeks prior to the start of the course. If the course is cancelled by The McKenzie Institute, a full refund will be given or funds can be transferred to another course. MI India is not responsible for any expenses incurred by registrants due to such cancellations.

Once a registration has been processed, cancellation notices must be provided in writing from participants. The cancellation terms are present in all registrations forms.